Hey, I'm Tim! Nice to meet you.

Firstly, a quick spiel about the guy behind the camera. My full name is Timothy Semsarian (hence the "TimSem" in TimSem Photography). I'm a semi-professional event and wedding photographer based in the relaxed suburbs of Southern Sydney, NSW - however I'm SO down to travel up and down the coast for all sorts of shoots.

Some further quick-fire facts about me:

  • I am half-Chinese 🇨🇳 and half-Armenian 🇦🇲
  • I am the proud middle child in my family; also known as "the funny one"
  • I currently work full-time in a corporate job - so naturally photography is my means to releasing all my creativity!
  • My late grandfather actually owned his very own photography business in Egypt - must just run in the genes!



Sometimes all that is required is a clean, well composed photo that captures the subject(s) that is most flattering. I have a good sense of awareness and attention in keeping track of all guests and ensuring no one goes home without a photo with them! 


My number one reason as to why I enjoy event photography is simply - its fun! So while I pride myself in producing professional quality photographs, I also don't take things too seriously which leads to more relaxed and happy guests! If you decide you would like to work with me - expect to be laughing and smiling a whole lot!


There are few things that are as exciting for a photographer than capturing the "real life" highlights and core memories for my clients. It is an incredible privilege and I'm always so thankful for the trust my clients have placed in me. That said, I strive to produce photos that are never too staged or unrealistic - rather capturing these moments in their purest form! This also extends to my editing style, as you'll notice all my photos are bright and naturally coloured!


I find it really enjoyable and satisfying being able to capture priceless memories that won’t happen again – whether it’s the moment the birthday guy or girl blows out the candles at their 21st, or a couple shares their first official kiss as a married couple – I’m really passionate about helping others fondly look back on important and fun life events! Receiving all the positive reactions of my clients and their guests once I share the photos with them brings me real joy, and it makes me all the more keen to produce great results!

Event photography provides me the opportunity to combine my love of meeting and interacting with new people with my passion for the art of photography. Expensive, flashy camera gear can only get you so far. What I believe is infinitely more important is the personality behind the camera – being someone who is able to build meaningful relationships with the client and their guests.

Anyone who has run into me at an event knows that I am a warm-hearted, easy going guy who will treat all your guests as real people - and I'm ALWAYS down for a chat. Not only does this let me give me a little extrovert-boost, I do strongly believe that this is when people feel most comfortable in front of the camera; and this is when the best photos are truly captured.